Piccolina Love

Piccolina Love is a 42cm tall function doll with accessory. If you press Piccolina Love’s right hand, you will hear sweet baby sounds. At the same time the baby doll will lovely blink with her eyes. If you squeeze slightly Piccolina Love’s left hand, she will close her eyes and make cute sleeping sounds. Press again her left hand and Piccolina Love wakes up happily. During feeding Piccolina Love moves her mouth and smacks. Filled with water, you simply press on Piccolina Love’s tummy and she has to pee on her potty. Piccolina Love laughes and giggles in between. The function doll offers the possibility of two play modes. In each play mode different baby sounds can be heard (play mode 1: baby sounds without crying, play mode 2: baby sounds including crying) and therefore the doll can be discovered again.