Image Travelbed Set 9 in 1 -

Item no.: 61769AB - Travelbed Set 9 in 1

Barcode: 4003336405156

This doll accessories set includes a highchair, a bag, a plate with fork, spoon, knife and drinking cup, a cute play mat and a travel bed (which is suitable for dolls up to 40cm).

Image Multi Travel Bed -

Item no.: 62708AB - Multi Travel Bed

Barcode: 4003336405132

The multifunctional travel bed for dolls offers everything that little doll mums need to go on holiday with their darling. The integrated highchair with removable dining tray offers the possibility to care for the doll optimally on the trip. Enough storage space is provided by the integrated wardrobe and many storage possibilities. Also included are a cute mobile, a plastic plate with spoon, fork, knife and a drinking cup. Suitable for dolls up to 46cm.

Image Dolls Accessories Set -

Item no.: 63637AB - Dolls Accessories Set

Barcode: 4003336405729

With this Vario Set for dolls it is possible for the mum to take care of her little darling and feel like a “real mum”, because this set includes everything needed; like a bag, doll carrier made of fabric, plastic tableware multi-functional seat which can be used as a swing, as solid dolls carrier or as a highchair with tray. Furthermore, the doll can be strapped safely with the integrated belt Suitable for dolls up to 38cm.

Image Car Seat for Dolls -

Item no.: 67657AA - Car Seat for Dolls

Barcode: 4003336676570

With this modern trendy-colored car seat every car ride will be an enjoyment. Due to the integrated seat belt every little doll will arrive safely. Thanks to the cushion, the doll also sits very comfortably and can dream sweetly while travelling. Suitable for dolls up to 46 cm.

Image Diapers for Dolls -

Item no.: 73099AA - Diapers for Dolls

Barcode: 4003336730999

If you want to feel like a “real” mum, you definately have to have diapers. With these doll diapers the doll mum learns how to take care and change her baby doll. 3 diapers are included. Suitable for dolls from 36 to 46 cm.

Image Deluxe Bathtub Set -

Item no.: 73352AA - Deluxe Bathtub Set

Barcode: 4003336733525

It´s time to bath your doll. With the funny rubber duck your child will be have much fun. A bathtub, rubber duck, potty, bottles, pacifier and plastic tableware set are included.

Image Shopping Cart colored -

Item no.: 75002AA - Shopping Cart colored

Barcode: 4003336750027

Solid doll’s shopping cart with swiveling double wheels for a good feeling when you do your shopping. Furthermore, the shopping cart has a fold-out seat, in which your little darling can sit comfortably during the shopping tour. In the cart is enough space for all groceries you might buy. With this shopping cart, you will have much fun! Due it’s stability this cart is a long-lasting companion. In the set, a diversity of toy food boxes (e. g. sugar, milk, cocoa) are included. So, a varied gaming fun is guaranteed.

Image Pacifier Set for Dolls -

Item no.: 79104AA - Pacifier Set for Dolls

Barcode: 4003336791044

Pacifiers are essiential when you want to feel like a “real” mum. If the doll cries you can easily calm her down with one of these pacifiers and take of the doll like a real baby. In the set 3 pacifiers in different colors are included.

Image magic bottle MO -

Item no.: 79201AE - magic bottle MO

Barcode: 4003336403602

These milk and orange bottles are an essential to every doll mum’s houshold! As if by magic they get empty when feeding the doll and get refilled when you are finished. An absolute must-have for every doll mum as she will learn how to feed her little darling.

Image Outdoor Helmet for Dolls -

Item no.: 79601AA - Outdoor Helmet for Dolls

Barcode: 4003336796018

Modern adjustable helmet, suitable for dolls from 42 to 46cm. Whether when your little on is cycling, climbing, skiing, sledding or skating, this helmet is always protecting her.